“Genius is 1%, inspiration and perspiration are 99%”-Thomas Edison

IMG_1792Dear Visitor,
Welcome to my site!
My name is Ty Stuyvesant and I created this site as an aid for the students I teach and the educators I work with.

Much of my focus is about teaching 21st century skills and using technology and student creativity to communicate information in authentic project-based learning situations. As educators its our job to preserve, protect and foster students natural desire to discover and learn. Its our job to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.

As a teacher its my job to stay current with the latest technology,& work processes representative of of an innovative professional in a global and digital society. I’m constantly seeking and developing new technology to introduce and enable all students to pursue their natural curiosities.

The classes that Millcreek endorses, and I’ll be teaching give students the beginning skills and experiences to understand careers associated. These are introductory courses, and much of them will embrace creativity, knowledge of tools, and theory behind these disciplines.

Before, heading to secondary education I spent two years at Peres Pattern in Erie as a Machinist/CADD operator. After moving on, much of my studies were geared towards arts at Edinboro University, where I acquired a Bachelors in Film and Video Production. In between the time I spent at Edinboro acquiring my first degree I also spent many semesters traveling to new destinations to build skateparks, and one year building houses in Cleveland. Soon after I acquired a dual teaching certification in Art k-12 and technology. Throughout the last ten years I’ve spent 5 years teaching Digital media and movie making, and continuing to build skateparks, work on house renovations, operate a small website based photography/Video business that creates hand crafted films, featuring artists, real estate, business, and wedding videos.

This year I’ll be teaching Electrical Design, Wood shop, Transportation Technology, and Stage Craft Design. These classes will be new for me but teaching isn’t. I plan to use the same curriculum, rubrics and grading that was used previously. Much of teaching style tends to front load information and let students use this information to complete creative project based group projects. The more authentic the better, goal is to have students learn and understand the information, demonstrate this knowledge and ultimately use this knowledge to create and problem solve.

I’ve been drawn to the educational field, because it’s important for me to help others. It’s rewarding to see students engaged while picking up valuable 21st century communication skills. I believe it’s essential to give the students a classroom atmosphere that invites creativity and self-expression. It’s important for students to explore and learn these skills by connecting projects to themselves and the world they live in.