IMG_1792Dear Visitor,
Welcome to my site!
My name is Ty Stuyvesant and I created this site as an aid for the students I teach and the educators I work with.

Much of my focus is about teaching 21st century skills and using technology and student creativity to communicate information in project-based learning situations.

Much of my studies have been geared towards arts at Edinboro University, where I acquired a Bachelors in Film and Video Production. After operating a small photography/Video business that documented special events, and producing three alternative sports films, I decided to go back and get a post-bachelorette teacher certification in art and then in technology education.

I now teach (DM3) Digital Media and Movie Making, and two TV Production courses at Pomperaug High School, and manage a small wedding films business on the side. TV Production 1 focusses on introductory skills, pre production, production and post production. TV Production 2 (Broadcast Journalism), interviews, documentary, and Live TV work. (DM3) is part of the academy initiative and focusses on creativity, communicating with video, animation, elements of design, website construction, APP development, Social Networking, Graphic Design and Marketing. Then we put all these new skills together create a campaign, where we set objectives and goals. During this time students take on roles that specialize in these different areas of interest. Our culminating projects are entered into the CT Student Film Festival and displayed at the CT Innovation Expo.

I’ve been drawn to the educational field, because it’s important for me to help others. It’s rewarding to see students engaged while picking up valuable 21st century communication skills. I believe it’s essential to give the students a classroom atmosphere that invites creativity and self-expression. It’s important for students to explore and learn these skills by connecting projects to themselves and the world they live in. As a Teacher at Pomperaug High School I embrace the Core Values, Beliefs, and 21st Century Expectations for Student Learning.

This year we will be using Google classroom as a place where assignments, questions, and discussions will be made.